Our Clients & Partners

We are proud to partner with the finest companies in the industry that believe in our mission to deliver a system that is scalable, robust and cost-effective. Together, we create a marketplace that makes the life of every travel professional easier and better. Some of our clients and partners:

Our Strategic Suppliers

We strive to select suppliers that share our values of providing quality travel products at competitive prices that perform to our clients' and partners' expectations. Some of our strategic suppliers: 

Channel Managers

Suppliers XML

Our Innovative Story

The Chameleon Global is an international Tourism Technology company with its headquarters in the USA and a growing presence in Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, and Australia. We are Tourism Technology Leaders in innovation and creativity and connect travel professionals to their desired products and markets at a very low cost but with a high rate of performance

Our innovative technology and platform allow for seamless distribution and access across the globe of products and services for all segments of the travel industry. Our technology and distribution methodology via our platform system is based on decades of international tourism experience. Our platform allows our partners to control their destiny, access products at no or very low cost with their own contracts integrated directly or alternatively uploaded through our extranet. Chameleon even provides its partners the chance to expand their business by distributing some of their own products and services to other Chameleon clients worldwide.

Chameleon Global team consists of unique and talented individuals from the USA, Europe (France and Italy), Brazil, Australia, and beyond. We understand your needs because we are international - have contacts and partnerships in more than 40 countries, have decades of experience, and we know how to help achieve great results together.

If you are searching for technology that works for your needs, whether you want to access products or distribute products, and is made by and for travel professionals, contact us today.

Chameleon Global Marketplace

Welcome to Chameleon Global marketplace, the #1 B2B platform for connecting thousands of buyers and suppliers with travel products from all over the world. You can find here, companies supplying tours, attractions, and activities in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Europe, and beyond!

By accessing our marketplace, you'll gain access to over 100.000 buyers from around the globe that are eager to find and work with you!

If you are a tour operator or travel professional looking for more suppliers, you'll find globally sourced products coming from large aggregators as well as from hand-selected boutique specialist suppliers, many found exclusively on Chameleon!

With more than 25 years of tourism experience, and 20 years of working with online tourism.

- Chameleon Global -


Best for Suppliers of Products!

DMCs, Inbound Operatours, activities and transfer

Best for Travel Pro Buyers

who want to access 1 million global products or Marketplace partners

Chameleon Marketplace
Conquer the world!


$250 one time set-up fee
1.9% booking fee

Load up your products in Chameleon and sell everywhere in the B2B travel industry.
Get your own plug and play widgets to sell online quickly and access other marketplace members to be able to buy or sell their products as your own to your clients.


Chameleon Marketplace API
The world is yours faster!


$250 one time set-up fee
1.9% booking fee

Everything that Chameleon Marketplace has but with your own API to make your business scalable and truly global!


Chameleon Travel Basics


Completely free, register, select your products and purchase online.
Find and purchase products globally with Chameleon sourcing from over one thousand partners who are approved to sell to our travel professionals


Chameleon Travel Pro


This plan allows you to access the marketplace and have direct contracts with providers beyond the wholesale provider that is automatically made available for you.
In addition, you will also have access to sell these products on your or multiple websites through our plug n'play white label.
Access more than a million products today!


Chameleon Enterprise


at joseph@chameleon.global

Chameleon Enterprise is for outbound and inbound tour operators needing multiple xml integrations with bedbanks or service providers, and/or our full chameleon BOOK system featuring our robust b2b2b2c multi-currency reservations system, as well as all of the best of our Chameleon X features for sales of you own products.


I started using Chameleon due to ease and convenience of use. As an independent travel agent I was always looking for a platform that had a complete array of functionalities, and products, and Chameleon does a great job on that.

Jane Roberson


We have been very happy with the services of Chameleon Global. The platform performance exceded our expectations and everyone on their team is completely dedicated to providing you with the best assistance.

Saulo Reis


Contact Us

World Headquarters

1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy, Suite# 500 Atlanta, GA 30338

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