Access Tour Operators and other travel professionals who use Chameleon Technology

Many Tour Operators that buy in volume do not have time to make individual purchases through a multitude of systems but they use a system like Chameleon’s platform to aggregate all their product choices and streamline their booking and reporting processes. Chameleon and its innovative technological advances gives greater market access to Aggregators that wish to connect to a multitude of Tour Operators without Data fees or new client connections. Chameleon can do all of this while maintaining fast and efficient performance levels for those who would book.

Aggregators can also use Chameleon’s platform as their own platform to connect to the world, reducing their monthly fees by up to 90% or to simply use Chameleon as a web service that connects with a pre-existing technology, but still provides savings in new connection fees and some data fees. Aggregators need to make money through sales and as the mark-ups are low, they can count on Chameleon technology to achieve greater profitability beyond greater connectivity.