Unlimited Global access to your direct contracts to serve your clients better

As a tour operator, you need to access inventory and services from around the world in a way that is fast, efficient, and economical. Chameleon’s platform allows you to use your main aggregator contracts and connect to as few or as many as you want while maintaining quality and speed. Our platform is built for high volume operations so you and your clients will get excellent reliability.

You will also have access to more than one million products and services from Chameleon to offer to your clients if desired. You can use Chameleon as your main booking engine, and/or a standalone web service that connects into your existing system/website, or even use our white label solutions for your travel agencies to have an online presence but buy directly through you! Yes, we are a one stop tourism technology shop making your business more profitable and easier to manage!

If you’re a Receptive Tour Operator we have you covered. With access to auxiliary products the same as a Tour Operator, your products can also span the globe and be available for purchase by Chameleon’s partner Tour Operators. We can distribute your products by accessing them via XML or by allowing you an extranet account which allows for the uploading of your Hotels, tours, transfers, and packages. You want to reach the world? We also have white label booking engines to serve all of your clients if desired. Reach the world with Chameleon Global.